WordCamp London 2016 Recap

I am very glad that I had a chance to participate in the WordCamp London that took place at London Metropolitan University on 8th-10th of April. And even it was almost a month ago I still remember this event with a warm feeling.

Every WordCamp is exciting in its own way but this one was even more thrilling for me because I had a chance to be a speaker.

I gave a presentation about WordPress themes. More specifically I was speaking about how to get your theme approved the first time based on my experience on releasing Maker and reviewing themes as a volunteer.

I admit that probably I am a much better themer than I am a presenter because I get nervous every time I get on stage and sometimes change the flow of the presentation as I go, which is not always a good thing. But anyway I think it went pretty well, considering a number of good questions I got from the audience.

I really enjoyed other talks that I had a chance to attend. I really enjoyed the presentation by Sarah Semark about the SVG icons. I’m definitely going to play more with SVG after it.

Another notable presentation was by Claire Brotherton. She shared many useful tips on blogging that I for sure will use.

It goes without saying that the organisation of the event was perfect. Everything from the pre-party for speakers and volunteers, to the closing remarks, was filled with the feeling of warmth and friendly attitude.

So to wrap it all up, I really had a great time at this WordCamp. I made some new friends, met the old ones, and enjoyed being the part of such a great event. Hope to make it to WordCamp London next year.

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