WordCamp Russia 2015 Recap

WordCamp Russia 2015 Recap

Last Saturday was really special for me because of WordCamp Russia 2015. Third time in a row it was organized in Moscow in Digital October. Two tracks of speakers (including me), awesome people, pizza and marvelous Wapuushkin. Sounds like a perfect recipe for a great weekend.

Unlike last year, I gave a presentation in a track for designers, users, and entrepreneurs. My topic was called Elements of Typography for beginners. Here is a slideshare link for those who interested. Maybe I will write a post on this subject a bit later.

No matter how many times I speak on public, every time I feel nervous. I was especially nervous this time because usually there are more people attending non-technical talks, and because typography is not the easiest topic to present.

Typography rules may be confusing and boring at the same time, so I decided to follow Chris Lema’s technique and started my talk with a short funny story about me designing my first booklet. It worked really well. People laughed, ice was broken, and I carried on with the rest of the talk.

Even though, I know that I need more practice in public speaking, I believe I improved a lot since last year.

WordCamp Russia 2015 Recap
Wapuushkin Stickers

Luckily my presentation was scheduled second and after I was relieved from the burden of an upcoming talk, I enjoyed chatting with other attendees, listening to other great presentations and eating pizza.

This was my fourth WordCamp. I attended three WordCamps in Russia and last year I had a chance to be at WordCamp San Francisco, and I must say that no matter how many people attend the event, whether it is held in the US or Russia, WordPress community is always welcoming and friendly. I think this is the best thing about WordPress and WordCamps.

I want to say huge thanks to my friend Konstantin Kovshenin for organizing this great event, and for an opportunity to give a presentation!

As always looking forward to the next WordCamp Russia. And maybe WordCamp US. We’ll see about that!

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